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Flat crisscross welded>> Back
  • XP-H1210PT

  • 1200x1000x150mm
  • 261
  • Flat crisscross welded
Product Description��

Features and advantages:

�� Professional design, reasonable structure, huge loading, non-slip process and stable stacking.
�� Four-way forklift entry, easy to operate, convenient for transport of the goods.
�� Full specifications for factories, warehouses, stores, garages, shelves or other places.
�� Advanced processing technology to meet mass production with high quality and on time delivery.
�� Strong impact resistance and durability, wide range of temperature application.
�� Hygienic and good appearance; easy to clean, disinfect or dry; friendly to the environment.
�� No nails or thorns, no damage to the goods during package.
�� Resistant to acid, alkali, moisture or corrosion; applicable in a variety of special occasions.
�� Anti-moth, free fumigation, reducing cargo export procedures and costs, accelerating cash flow, enhancing competitiveness.
�� Materials recyclable--broken pallets are raw materials for some other products.
⑪ No static sparks, no combustion, help to prevent the warehouse fire.
⑫ Long service life����2-3 times that of wooden pallet, even 4-5 times of wooden pallet life when used carefully.
⑬ Certain chemicals added to the materials to improve the features of the pallet for different application.
⑭ Tasteless and non-toxic, having no pollution on goods such as food, helping to improve warehouse environment.
⑮ Easy to print such as client��s logo for recognizing or advertising.
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